History of the Consulate History of the Consulate

History of Indian diplomatic representation in Australia

The Consulate General of India was established in Sydney in 1941 as the Trade Commission of India.

The First Trade Commissioner was Mr. R.R. Saxena of the Imperial Customs Service and was appointed to this Post from the afternoon of January 30, 1941. He presented his papers to the Australian Governor General on March 7, 1941.

In 1948, Mr. G. Parameswaran Pillai became Independent India's first Trade Commissioner to Australia and New Zealand.

In April 1968, the name of the Trade Commission was changed to the Deputy High Commission of India.

In January 1973, the Deputy High Commission of India acquired its present name of Consulate General of India, Sydney.

Available records indicate that the Trade Commission was first housed at 39 Martin Place, Sydney. It was then relocated to ‘Caltex House’ in Kent Street, Sydney, from where it moved in the mid-1980s to Walker Street in North Sydney.From 1994 to 2010, the Consulate was located at 25 Bligh Street in Sydney, and later relocated to 190 George Street and then to 109 Pitt Street in Sydney before moving to its current and permanent premises at Level 1, 265 Castlereagh Street in Sydney.

As per available records, the Heads of Post in Sydney have been as follows:

Trade Commissioner

Name of Indian Trade Commissioner From To
R.R. Saksena Jan 1941 June 1947
Ahmed Din Azhar June 1947 Aug 1947
V. Raghavan (In-charge) Aug 1947 Nov 1948
G.P. Pillai Nov 1948 June 1949
Dr. A. Baksi June 1949 Mar 1951
T.G. Menon May 1951 Sept 1953
S.V. Patel Sept 1953 Oct 1957
Mr Sujahan Oct 1957 Feb 1961
G.L.Puri Feb 1961 Mar 1965
Roy Axel Khan Mar 1965 Apr 1968

Deputy High Commissioner

Name Year
Mr. Roy Axel Khan Apr 1968 - Aug 1969
Mr. Giteshwar Raj Aug 1969 - Nov 1971
Mr. Jyotirmoy Baruah Dec 1971 - Dec 1972

Consul General

Name Year
Mr. Hari Kishan Mahajan Jan 1973 - Jul 1976
Mr. Virendra Pal Singh Jul 1976 - Oct 1979
Mr. Inderjeet Singh Rathore Dec 1979 - Apr 1983
Mr. Arun Kumar Banerjee Jun 1983 - Jul 1986
Mr. Vidya Bhushan Soni Aug 1986 - Oct 1989
Mr. Arif Qamarain Mar 1990 - Nov 1992
Mr. C. Pathilyil Ravindranathan Nov 1992 - Aug 1995
Mr. Vijay Kumar Aug 1995 - Mar 2001
Mr. M. Ganapathi Apr 2001 - Dec 2005
Mr. Sujan R. Chinoy Jan 2006 - Dec 2008
Mr. Amit Dasgupta Feb 2009 - Jun 2012
Mr. Arun Kumar Goel Jun 2012 - Mar 2014
Mr. Sunjay Sudhir May 2014 - Dec 2015
Mr. B. Vanlalvawna Feb 2016 - Jan 2019
Mr. Manish Gupta May 2019 - Dec 2023
Dr. S Janakiraman Dec 2023 - Present